How to tell if your sarms are real!

Androgens for male HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are typically injectable or topical delivery formulations of testosterone. Injectable forms of testosterone esters (such as testosterone enanthate or cypionate) can produce undesirable fluctuations in testosterone blood levels (high levels shortly after injection and overly low afterward). Skin patches can cause skin irritation and their daily use can be inconvenient.

SARMs are taken orally and selectively target androgen receptors primarily in muscles. The benefit of SARMS is that they do not tend to affect other tissues in the body with as much (or any) negative impact as anabolic steroids.

Several SARMS show a ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects of greater than 3:1 and up to as much as 90:1 (RAD-140), compared to testosterone, which has a ratio of 1:1.

While SARMs are likely to show some virilizing effects when used at high doses (e.g., use by bodybuilders), at lower therapeutic doses they may well be very safe and beneficial, which will be important if SARMs are to have clinical application in such things as the treatment of osteoporosis in women. They are all orally active without causing liver damage. Most stroids have to be injected and the oral ones are hepatotoxic.

As SARMS become more popular, it is only natural that fakes make their way to the market place.

A recent investigation discovered that only 52% (23) of 44 purchased SARMs actually included any amount of the SARMs advertised… To make matter worse 39% (17) of the 44 samples include unapproved drugs (steroids, prohormones, etc), 25% (11) of them contained other active ingredients that weren’t on the label and 59% (26) of the SARMs tested had different amounts then advertised. (AKA UNDERDOSED SARMs). In four of the products absolutely NO active compound was found!

The link to the study is below:

Recently we were informed that Quality SARMs are being copied in Argentina. The packing was close, but not exact.

This is how the real Quality SARMS SR9009 looks:

The real version comes in a clear box and has a perforated safety seal around the entire bottle. DO NOT purchase your SARMS from anyone else but the official Quality SARMs website.

If you are in doubt, contact us HERE.

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