Why Choose Quality sarms canada?

Why choose Quality SARMs as your source for SARMs in Canada?

There are many reason to choose Quality SARMs and we’ll outline a few below…

Quality SARMs raw materials are sourced from the USA

Most companies use raw materials from China for their SARMs. These can be hit and miss for quality and purity. You’re basically taking your chances.

Quality SARMs manufacture in a state of the art certified GMP facility

The truth is that many SARMs manufacturers put their products together in a non-sterile environment. We’ve even heard of companies using their living rooms or bathrooms as their work area.  Not cool!

Quality SARMs are tested at 99%+ purity

Purity is important! The difference between 97% and 99% is HUGE. This is where using the proper raw materials and components is vitally important. Toxins and impurities can make SARMs potentially unhealthy – this is not what we want. Some unscrupulous companies will taint their SARMs with steroids or prohormones. For women or people with liver or other health issues, this can be disastrous. Never mind the fact that you would be disrupting your own hormone production. This is supposed to be one of the main benefits of SARMs.

Quality SARMs are shipped from within Canada

We ship SARMs from within Canada.  This means no borders or inspection agencies to slow or seize your packages.  All parcels are sent discreetly with Canada Post using Expedited or Xpress services.

Quality SARMs are dosed for maximum potency

When shopping for SARMs in Canada, be sure to check the milligrams per milliliter dosage as well as the bottle size. Some products seem to be inexpensive until you do some simple math to realize it’s not so great a deal.  For example, one competitor sells their RAD-140 for $79.99.  Our price is $129.99.  When you look close you’ll see that they’re selling 10mg/ml in a 20ml bottle.  Ours is 20mg/ml in a 30ml bottle.  This is 200mg total (10mg x 20ml) versus 600mg (20mg x 30ml).  If we priced ours the same, our RAD would be $240!!!

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