Why are there Crystals in my SARMS?


Occasionally we get the question, “why are there small crystals in my Quality SARMs?”

The immediate conclusion is “has my product gone bad”?

We assure you that this is not the case.  Let us explain…

The solvent blend we use is 10%. It dissolves most of our products very well (MK-677 100% and LGD-4033 95%, YK-11 75% and GW-1516 70%).  The others are dissolved at 65% (RAD-140, S4, SR9009 and Ostarine).  When shaken, even the latter products dissolve to 95% or higher.

Why not use a more solvent?  We could, but this makes for an extremely bitter product.  And 95-100% dissolve rate is excellent.

So, if you are performing your research and find some crystals – don’t panic!  Shake it very well and you will have success with your projects.

Quality Sarms are manufactured in a certified GMP facility. We use USA sourced raw materials that test at a purity of 99%+.

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